Terrorist Attacks in the Past 11 Days

By Maxim Nikolenko.

This is another report covering terrorist attacks across the world. Previous publication covered the period from June 15th to June 21st. Because the previous report only covered attacks until Wednesday the 21st, this report will include the rest of that week and 7 days of the succeeding week. Since now, similar reports will be published at the end of each week.

Like before, most of the tragic incidents took place in the destabilized parts of the world. At least 317 people lost their lives in 38 different attacks between June 22 and July 2nd. Shockingly, Iraq alone experienced 12 terrorist attacks.

While Iraq experienced the most attacks, Pakistan suffered the most casualties. 98 people lost their lives in 3 coordinated attacks across the country on June 23.

While a battle is raging for Mosul against the IS medievalists, 83 people were killed in bombings and shootings across the rest of Iraq. It’s extremely important to note that before the American invasion in 2003, Iraq was not prone to sectarian violence and terrorism. Today, the country is divided and ruled by the Empire, with oil production exceeding new heights, while a majority of Iraqis experience poverty and endless war.

Another destabilized country is Syria where terrorism claimed lives of at least 30 people. Before destabilization in 2011, terror attacks were not known in Syria, never mind the presence of IS.

At least 65 people are known to have lost their lives to Al Shabaab and Boko Haram attacks across Africa. Seemingly endless instability persists in ones peaceful Northeastern Nigeria, Niger and Cameroon. This is reality amidst the formally declared success in the fight against the terrorist group. Meanwhile, similarly endless conflict with Al Shabaab is raging in Somalia. American bombs from the air and extremists on the ground are striking the poorest people in the world.

Few reports are coming about the situation in Yemen. At least 3 people lost their lives in one recorded terrorist incident.

22 people lost their lives in 3 attacks across Afghanistan. An ongoing war is destroying this ancient civilization for almost 37 years.

3 people died in one attack in what is the ongoing conflict in Indian Kashmir.

1 soldier was killed in the attack by ELN guerrillas in Colombia.

Right-wing extremist killed a 20-year old government supporter in Venezuela. He is the latest victim of the ongoing right-wing opposition protests against the socialist government. The most radical elements of opposition receive support from local Venezuelan elites and Washington.

This week a bomb exploded in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. One military officer was killed in the attack.

An attack was prevented in Saudi Arabia with a suspect killed.

3 people (2 of them attackers) were killed in 2 incidents across Indonesia. The Islamic State medievalists are suspected.

A failed attack by the suspected Islamic State medievalists left 6 people (5 of them attackers) dead in Lebanon.

All these are the recorded terrorist incidents in the past 11 days. Their combined death toll does not include the hundreds more who are dying amidst conflicts and their side-effects across Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and border region of Northeastern Nigeria.

In the context, a spokesperson for the State Department, Heather Nauert, declared this week there is no concern about extremists (Al Qaeda affiliates and IS) potentially committing chemical attacks in Syria. Washington is more concerned with the secular Syrian Government of Bashar al-Assad.

An earlier released article on New York Times breaks this ludicrous denial.