Weekly Updates: Mosul and Terrorist Attacks over the Past 7 Days

By Maxim Nikolenko.

This past week from July 3 to July 9 saw a significant victory, not so much against terrorism, but a symbolic triumph over the medievalists who reign shadow, in what was ones peaceful Syria and Iraq. The triumph is the liberation of Mosul. Over 8 months and 3 weeks of apocalyptic warfare and famine-creating siege against thousands of civilians, has finally ended on July 9. Information is absent about the human cost of this massacre. Immense but unreported is the suffering of at least 900,000 civilians, who were locked under fanatics for three years, only to become “liberated” homeless.

Apart from holding a victorious symbol in the war against IS, ruins of Mosul represent the wreckage of a country which hasn’t seen peace for 27 years.

Twenty-Seven Years!

Twenty Seven Years of the “smoking gun” ventures and perpetuating myth of the War on Terror.

Meanwhile, Washington is prepared to pour more cash into the Pentagon.

Liberation of Mosul, however, goes short of liberating the Muslim World from the threat of previously absent terrorism.

This week, at least 110 people lost their lives in 25 terrorist incidents across 11 countries.

20 people died in 6 Dash attacks across Iraq. These incidents do not include Mosul, though reports are coming of dozens of attacks in days prior to the full liberation of the city from IS.

The worst affected country this week was Egypt, with 28 people dead in 3 IS (Dash) attacks across Sinai Peninsula. Mysterious remains the fact that fanatics persist maintaining an unhinged insurgency across the region bordering Israel.

14 people were killed in Niger, with 9 victims being attributed to a Boko Haram attack and 5 to an attack allegedly committed by Al Qaeda.  Such trend points to the ongoing instability in the Sahel. Meanwhile, Washington’s AFRICOM and France are increasing their military presence in the region.

5 victims were also reported from a Boko Haram attack in Cameroon.

Saudi Arabia witnessed 2 attacks taking 2 lives, all blamed on Hezbollah.

6 people lost their lives from two Islamist attacks in the Philippines.

Six victims were reported from 2 attacks across Syria, with most recent incident resulting from infighting between the Western-backed Jihadist groups.

One attack left 4 people dead in Afghanistan. There is virtually no information coming about the situation on Afghanistan’s front lines.

Al Shabaab is blamed for 4 attacks this week, with 15 victims reported (1 in Somalia and 12 in Kenya).

2 explosions took lives of 2 civilians in Eastern Ukraine. One attack is blamed on pro-Russian rebels while the second is attributed to the Ukrainian army.

A grenade attack took lives of 8 civilians in Burundi.

The video for this week depicts a cynically unreported war, waged by Washington’s best friend in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia. This particular scene is not from the Saudi-led destructive campaign against Yemen, but from the campaign against its own citizens. A small, predominantly Shia town Al-Awamiyah, was sieged and raised to the ground by Saudi military. This is the price paid by residents for a peaceful demonstration calling for reforms. No one knows how many civilians were killed in the siege.

In late May, Washington signed a $109.7 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

Just today, the High Court ruled in favor of British arms sales to Riyadh.