Weekly Updates: Two Germans Among 197 Victims of Terrorist Attacks from July 10

By Maxim Nikolenko

197 is the number of people who lost their lives in 42 separate terrorist incidents, overwhelmingly reported from the destabilized Muslim countries between Monday, July 10 and Friday, July 16.

While the battle for Mosul is over and Iraqi forces are battling to recapture the remaining pockets of Daesh medievalists in Anbar province, Western media outlets are ones again beating the drums of war, thus signaling possible future instabilities in the country. This time “Iranians” are back in the spotlight. Renowned for its ‘unequally outstanding’ journalism, the New York Times amplifies Iran’s dominance in Iraq after the invader U.S. “handed the country over.” Meanwhile, Iraqis are continuing to die in the war on Daesh. Besides the front lines, 44 Iraqis lost their lives in 11 separate attacks implemented by fanatics. The capital Baghdad was the scene of almost daily bombings which resulted in fatalities and injuries of civilians.

48 people were killed in 4 separate attacks of Boko Haram fanatics in parts of Northeastern Nigeria and Cameroon. Most fatalities are the result of deadly suicide bombings, a phenomenon unknown in the region before the insurgency begun in 2009.

Fifteen people were killed in attacks across Afghanistan. The U.N report highlights a record number of civilian casualties in the country, with 1662 civilians killed in the first 6 months of 2017. The real numbers, however, could be higher.

This week, Pakistan witnessed 3 attacks resulting in deaths of 10 people.

Al Qaeda insurgency continues in the French-occupied Mali, with 9 people killed in 2 separate incidents. There was no Al Qaeda insurgency in Mali before 2012.

6 people were killed in Turkey. Five of the victims are Daesh who were killed by security forces.

7 people lost their lives in the attack in India’s restive Kashmir.

The terrorist attack took lives of 8 people in Southern Thailand.

This week, 17 people were killed in the separate attacks committed by Al Shabaab. Most of the incidents are reported in Kenya.

An ongoing conflict between the Palestinians and their Israeli occupiers resulted in 6 fatalities.

Separate attacks took lives of 13 people in Syria. Before the destabilization in 2011, Islamic terrorism was an unknown phenomenon in this secular society.

7 people were killed this week in 2 separate attacks in Egypt. One of them was a knife attack in the Red Sea resort town of Hurghada, which left 2 German tourists dead and four others injured. Terrorism is a new phenomenon in Egypt.

5 people are reported dead in the Al Qaeda attack in Yemen. Little news is coming from this country where U.S-backed Saudi coalition is waging a deadly war against the Houthi rebels and 28 million Yemeni civilians, over 7 million of whom are on the verge of famine.

One person was killed in the attack in Saudi Arabia. According to the Saudi line, Hezbollah is responsible for the incident.

One person was killed by Islamist fanatics in the Philippines.

In the meantime, the video for this week is a poorly made propaganda piece intending to demonstrate evidence that Syrian government used sarin gas in the attack on Khan Shaykhun. The video first appeared in the aftermath of the alleged attack on April 4th.

Indeed members of White Helmets, the propaganda wing of Islamists in Syria, did not do well in the chemistry class.