Weekly Updates: Silencing Iraq and Global Instability

By Maxim Nikolenko.

The past week (from July 24 to July 30) has witnessed silence on Iraq, where a grotesque aftermath emerges from the battle to retake Mosul while growing evidence reveal Iraqi Forces have committed war crimes in the ongoing battle with Daesh. Furthermore, 225-275 people have lost their lives in 45 terrorist incidents across the destabilized world.

In Iraq, the ruins of Mosul continue to reveal evidence of the horror that took place during the ferocious battle against Daesh. Thousands of corpses are left to rot in rubble of the Old City. An Iraqi army major told Middle Eastern Eye: “After liberation was announced, the order was given to kill anything or anyone that moved.” The result: over 40,000 civilian deaths, reported by Kurdish Intelligence. The final figure is unknown.

There are reports of some ISIS fighters still managing to hide in the rubble, while many more remain in tunnels under the city. One Iraqi soldier told MEE about 8 such tunnels with scores of Daesh fighters and their families inside. The fate of these people is likely to be grim.

Bulldozers are deployed to block “suspicious entrance holes” where people might still be hiding.

One group of suspected militants had emerged from the basement, allegedly on July 24. The 14 men were escorted through the streets and filmed on a mobile phone by the Iraqi forces. Some detainees showed visible signs of malnutrition. It is impossible to verify the date of the video nor is it possible to know the fate of the men in it.

The ongoing war in Iraq is barbaric, with war crimes being committed by both sides. Back in 2015, ABC News had reported on atrocities of the U.S-trained Iraqi forces. They include torture and execution of men who are suspected to have collaborated with Daesh. This was two years ago. Nothing has changed since. In fact, the occurrences of torture and extrajudicial killings have likely surged during the battle for Mosul. Nobody knows how many people have been executed; nobody knows how many civilians have died in the war, nobody knows the extent of humanitarian tragedy.

This is what 27 years of U.S-led embargo and invasion looks like. One fact is certain: the death toll from these policies is approaching 2 million.

The ongoing frequency of terror in Iraq is appalling. In the past week, 50 people lost their lives in 16 separate attacks implemented by Daesh. The army seems to be powerless to restore security.

To the East is another destabilized country, Afghanistan. The past week has been particularly tragic. At least 58 civilians and soldiers have been killed in 7 separate attacks. The ‘forever war’ continues.

31 people have lost their lives in 2 separate attacks implemented in neighboring Pakistan.

4 fatalities were reported from Southern countryside of Aleppo. An infighting between the Jihadi groups is blamed.

At least 19 people were killed in 2 Al Shabaab attacks in Somalia.

The ongoing insurgency of ISIS medievalists left 7 civilians and 4 attackers’ dead in Sinai Peninsula, Egypt.

Two U.N peacekeepers were killed in Bangassou, Central African Republic. This is one of the poorest countries in the world; and it is ravaged by war since 2013, thus representing the latest victim of a wider instability and minerals-driven bloodbaths in the region.

Al Qaeda fanatics are active in the French and U.S occupied Mali. At least 6 people died in their attacks.

The regional insurgency of extremists, empowered by the NATO-led destruction of Libya, extends even to Burkina Faso. There, 8 people have died in 2 separate attacks.

Boko Haram fanatics have also committed attacks, taking 33-73 lives in Northeast Nigeria and Cameroon. The deadliest incident was an ambush on oil exploration team in Nigeria. Details about the incident are still unknown. Multiple reports, however, range the death toll between 10 and 50. ‘

In the Philippines, it is reported that 7 men were executed by the Abu Sayyaf fanatics. The same group who is responsible for the ongoing occupation of Marawi.

Another life was consumed by the ongoing conflict in Indian Kashmir. His name was Gowhar Ahmad, a constable officer, shot on his way home.

One attack was reported in Germany, where a knife wearing fanatic left 1 person dead and 6 wounded at Hamburg market.

A Palestinian man was killed while attempting to carry out a stabbing attack in West Bank. It is the latest incident of the ongoing violence between Palestinians and the Apartheid state of Israel.

A soldier was killed in the attack by Kurdistan Workers Party in Southeastern Turkey.

National Liberation Army of Marxist rebels is accused of killing a policeman in Colombia.

In Venezuela, a candidate for Constituent Assembly, José Félix Pineda, was killed in his home by a group of far-right extremists. Since April, the right-wing opposition protests have resulted in 123 deaths across the country. The United States has been generous in providing diplomatic and financial support to the protests. Visibly, a regime change is being pursued to oust the socialist government of President Nicolás Maduro. After the election of Constituent Assembly, Washington had imposed sanctions on Venezuelan leader.

An overwhelming majority of attacks mentioned in this report are products of the perpetual War on Terror. Conspicuously, most are reported from the destabilized countries, while a majority of groups who committed the acts, had been fostered by the CIA, and perhaps still received support from the autocratic Arab clients of Washington in the Gulf.

Normalization of terror is one of the biggest tragedies facing the Mideast today. Terrorism was unknown in many of these societies until President Bush declared the so-called “War on Terror” in 2001.

Concluding this report is video published on R&U channel. It combines two reports from Russian media outlets, portraying the war crimes committed by the Special Forces in Iraq.