Weekly Updates: $2.2 Billion Arms Pipeline to Syria Stretches Hypocrisy of the War on Terror

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The Pentagon aims to spend $2.2 billion on arms for Syrian ‘rebels’.

By Maxim Nikolenko.

In the past week from September 11 to September 17, the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network had published a report revealing the Pentagon’s covert arms supply to the Syrian “rebels”, while at least 24 attacks have been reported across the countries of destabilized South, with 211 people killed and hundreds more sustaining injuries.

Published on September 12, the BIRM investigation uncovered a secret supply line of weapons to the Syrian “rebels” who are currently waging battles against Daesh (ISIS) in the city of Raqqa and in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor. According to the report, the Pentagon aims to spend at least $2.2 billion on the scheme before the year 2022, transferring thousands of tons of weapons from production lines and stockpiles in the Balkans and Eastern Europe, into hands of various anti-Daesh and anti-Assad factions.

So far, $718.1 million was spent since 2015. The spending spree piles on top of the $1 billion the CIA spent on its covert program to arm and train anti-Assad “rebels.”

This is how Syrians are being ‘liberated’.

No wonder the “rebels” (Jihadists from Al Nusra and Jaysh al-Sham) were winning the war against government forces before Russia intervened in 2015. They had no scarcity in arms, transported to their commanders from the military bases in Turkey and Jordan, officially, the final destination of the Pentagon-sponsored weapons.

Today, the report states that the arms pipeline is supporting 30,000 Kurdish fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). While SDF does battle Daesh insurgents, they also seize as much territory as possible, competing with Damascus for control of the oil-rich Deir ez-Zor Province, thus planting seeds for more conflict after the medievalist fanatics are defeated.

Kurdish nationalism is the last card of the U.S. and its allies to implement balkanization of Syria.

There is nothing new in such approach. The uncovered CIA documents reveal that the Western plan to destabilize Syria dates back as far as the 1980s, a time when Assad’s father ruled the country.

Supporting extremists, masqueraded as “moderates”, is not a novelty as well. In the 1980s, the United States and its theocratic Gulf allies had poured billions of dollars to train and equip the Mujahidin’s in Afghanistan. It was called “Operation Cyclone”, when a cyclone comprised of 100,000 Jihadists was transferred via Pakistan to fight a Holy War against the Soviet “infidels”, and destroy the secular/socialist uprising within the Afghan society.

It was important back then to discipline the Afghans for long-lasting war. School children in the refugee camps, for instance, received textbooks which taught the basics of a future Jihadist.

“If out of 10 Russian infidels, 5 are killed by one Muslim, 5 would be left.”

The strategy worked, a permanent state of war and extremism was achieved, with secularists and socialists being physically terminated. Another accomplishment was a formation of the Taliban and Al Qaeda, the offspring of Operation Cyclone, enlightened with mind-training arithmetic problems and equipped from the pocket of American taxpayer.

Nothing has changed since.

The Empire’s support for ‘anti-Assad’ forces provides a diverse list of potential beneficiaries, starting from SDF and ending with Al Qaeda affiliates of Al Nusra and Daesh.

In fact, the fanatics from Daesh have been empowered merely because of an abundance of American weapons they seized during the offensive in 2014.

“2300 Humvees” were seized when Jihadists overrun the Iraqi Mosul, and that was just from one city.

Back in Syria, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, a Bulgarian investigative journalist, was on the ground covering the battle of Aleppo, when she discovered warehouses belonging to Al Nusra, stacked with Bulgarian-made weapons. Months later, Gaytandzhieva unveiled a secret arms pipeline via the Silk Way Airlines of Azerbaijan. The company facilitated 350 diplomatic flights, transporting hundreds of tons of weapons to Syria and other war-ravaged destinations.

Not too long after publishing results of her investigation, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva received a phone call from the newspaper Trud Daily, informing that she is dismissed from her position.

Indeed, the hypocrisy of the War on Terror is stretched beyond belief.

Terrorist Incidents Across the Destabilized South

Such intentional practices of double standard perpetuate a silent war against the defenseless people.

The past week was deadly for Iraq. Countless lives were lost on the front lines of the war with Daesh, and 120 fatalities were reported from 10 separate terrorist attacks implemented across the country. The deadliest incident occurred far away from the war zone, on the outskirts of Nasiriyah in Southern Iraq, where a group of Daesh fighters unleashed a series of coordinated attacks aimed at civilians (including the Shia pilgrims from Iran) and the security forces. The result was a massacre, with 88 people (including 4 attackers) killed and 93 others sustaining injuries.

At least 26 fatalities were reported from 5 separate attacks across the U.S-occupied Afghanistan. In the meantime, the U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis announced that an additional 3000 American soldiers will be sent to strengthen the ‘permanent’ presence of Washington in the country. This is 21st-century colonialism.

Al Shabaab attacks have resulted in 22 fatalities across Somalia. The 12 million inhabitants of this country are the victims of perpetual War on Terror.

Militants belonging to Daesh unleashed attacks against the security forces in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. At least 25 fatalities (including 5 attackers) were reported from 2 separate incidents.

The Islamists of Boko Haram raided a village in Nigeria’s Borno State, leaving 5 villagers dead, while another 5 people perished in a suicide blast in neighboring Cameroon. Terrorism is a relatively new phenomenon to the region, introduced when the Islamist insurgency began in 2009.

A roadside bomb left one government official and 5 policemen dead in a northwestern tribal region of Pakistan.

An army patrol was ambushed in the volatile Muslim-majority Yala province of southern Thailand. At least 2 soldiers died in the attack while dozens more suffered injuries.

Concluding this article is a video report from Libya, filmed in 1994 and recently uploaded on YouTube by Journeyman Pictures. This 9-minute report captures a society of great accomplishments, yet forced to endure an unjustified packaged of sanctions ratified and imposed by the United Nations Security Council. This was a vivid attempt to challenge the sovereign country with a sovereign model of development and independent foreign policy.

It didn’t work.

17 years later, the Empire returned to finally ‘liberate’ Libyans

“The Islamist resurgence taking root in North Africa is no friend of his (Gaddafi’s)”, points the narrator in a very last minute of the film. The Islamists were friends of NATO, however, when the military alliance obliterated the modern state of Libya in 2011.