Weekly Updates: Ordinary Europeans Suffer From their Government’s Unhealthy Romance with Terrorists Who Maintain Chaos in Mideast

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By Maxim Nikolenko.

Last week from August 14 to August 20 was a tragic period for the Mideast and Europe.  The deadly attacks in had resulted in 25 deaths in Spain and Finland, and additional 200 fatalities were reported from 43 separate attacks taking place across the destabilized countries of the world.

While the United States is a key captain of NATO and the biggest arms-seller to client governments who are openly supporting extremists, Europe has been compliant; in fact, it is supportive of the U.S strategy and pursues its own interests in the ongoing scramble for the third world.

The scramble, however, produces chaos – controlled chaos, as Steven Mann thought of it while emphasizing the means by which it would be possible to expand the grip of American Empire on the world’s defenseless.

In practice, there is no such thing as “controlled chaos.”

An unhealthy romance of the CIA and MI6 with Islamists and Western support for the Wahhabi-principled regimes such as Saudi Arabia extends for decades.  Not only is it producing horrific results in the Mideast, but also disturbed peace in Western countries.

This time, Barcelona was attacked. A van plowed into pedestrians on La Rambla Street injuring over 130 and killing 14. It was a Nice-style massacre.

Separately, 1 Spanish woman was killed in Cambrils when a van with 5 Islamists inside, attempted to replicate the attack in Barcelona.

By the week’s end, a total of 15 civilians and 8 Islamists were confirmed dead. The origin of a terrorist cell is found in a small town of Alcanar, a place where the group was stockpiling explosives for future attacks.

Before the tragedies in Barcelona and Cambrils, an explosion destroyed a house in Alcanar. Evidence suggests that the house belonged to the terrorist cell, and the explosion was accidental, thus spearheading the group to implement the deadly acts before being caught by police.

Nonetheless, ‘we didn’t know’ is not an excuse for Spanish authorities. They were warned of possible attacks in Barcelona as recently as June, by the CIA who even mentioned La Rambla as a potential target.

Nothing was done to prevent the tragedy.

Almost identically, the warnings were ignored by British intelligence about the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and its member Salman Abedi, who detonated a bomb at Manchester Arena on May 22.

The members of Libyan Islamic Fighting Group were encouraged to join the NATO’s battle to remove Mu’ammar Gaddafi in Libya. Meanwhile, Salman Abedi is believed to have traveled to join Islamists in Syria – another bastion of Jihadists who are known in Western media as “moderate rebels.” The CIA has spent over $1 billion on running a covert program to train and arm these “rebels” against the Assad’s government.

The consequence of such covert operations is the ongoing reign of terror across the destabilized Mideast. Hundreds of thousands of people had already died in Syria; well over 1 million Iraqis died since the invasion in 2003, and an unknown number of people perished in Afghanistan.

Hundreds of innocent people died in terrorist attacks across Europe since 2015.

Last week, Finland, a country where terrorism was virtually unrecorded since the end of World War II, had witnessed an attack in Turku, with 2 people dead and another eight sustaining injuries in a stabbing spree, directed specifically against women.

A recent attempt by authorities to improve safety in European cities by erecting concrete barriers as protectives of pedestrian streets from vehicles is a solution with limited success of reducing the general threat of terror. The real change will only come with a political will to stop using Islamists as marionettes for the achievement of political and economic interests in the Mideast. Europe has more than enough reasons to pressure its political establishment and the U.S. to cease the hawkish imperialist policy.

Attacks Across the Destabilized World

Most victims of that policy of perpetual “War on Terror” are the residents of Muslim countries. Just a few days ago, Iraqi forces had announced a new offensive against Daesh (ISIS) medievalists in Tal Afar, a city populated by 200,000 men, women, and children, an estimate made before the occupation in 2014. The victory against Daesh in Tal Afar is inevitable, though the toll on civilians will be immense. The previous Massacre of Mosul left at least 40,000 civilians dead. In the meantime, 41 Iraqis had lost their lives in 13 separate terrorist attacks. The security situation in Iraq remains appalling.

Afghanistan also suffered attacks with at least 34 fatalities reported from 5 separate incidents.

25 people died from two separate attacks in Burkina Faso. A Turkish restaurant and the hotel were targeted by fanatics on August 14, in the capital city of Ouagadougou, This was the deadliest attack in months, with 19 civilians and 3 attackers killed. Islamic terrorism was unknown in Burkina Faso until an entire Western Sahel was destabilized following a NATO-led destruction of Libya.

Islamic terrorism is also a relatively new phenomenon in northeastern Nigeria, where 30 people died last week in two separate Boko Haram attacks.

At least 16 people were killed in Al Qaeda attacks across the French-occupied Mali.

The fanatics from Al Shabaab left 10 people dead (1 in Somalia and 9 in Kenya).

A bomb blast left at least 8 soldiers dead in Pakistan’s Balochistan Province. The rebels from Balochistan Liberation Army claimed responsibility.

Three people had lost their lives in two separate incidents in Sinai Peninsula, Egypt.

Three Lebanese soldiers were killed by a landmine near the Syrian border, a region where the battle is ongoing against the enclave of Daesh.

3 fatalities were reported from 2 PKK attacks in southeastern Turkey.

At least 12 civilians were killed by a roadside bomb in Dhale, Yemen.

A suspect was killed in West Bank after attempting to stab an Israeli policeman. This is the latest incident of the ongoing conflict between Palestinians and the Apartheid state of Israel.

Lashkar-e-Taiba militants shot dead an owner of a local cable network in Southern Kashmir.

In Russia, an Islamist was shot dead in the city of Surgut after stabbing 7 civilians. He was a member of Daesh.

Three fatalities were reported from Colombia amidst the ongoing conflict between Washington-supported government and paramilitaries, who are fought against by Marxist guerrilla rebels. The true death toll and terror of this silent conflict is unknown. However, it is the Washington-supported right-wing paramilitaries who are notorious for the worst atrocities against civilians.

A group of militants raided a car dealership in Southern Thailand leaving one employee dead. It is believed that the men behind this incident are members of an Islamist insurgency group, which operates in the Muslim-majority provinces of Southern Thailand.

Concluding this report is the latest episode of The Empire Files, a program directed by a fiercely independent investigative journalist Abby Martin, and hosted by the South American-based media outlet TeleSUR. This episode is about the conflict in Colombia, with human rights lawyer, Daniel Kovalik, discussing with Abby Martin the involvement of Washington in the countries’ politics, and its continuing support of the right-wing elements, including the vicious paramilitaries: the militant groups whose atrocities against civilians are a product of training from the U.S-based School of the Americas.

Colombia is one of the world’s biggest recipients of USAID after Egypt and Israel.