Weekly Updates: The Real Victories in the War on Terror are Ignored

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By Maxim Nikolenko.

In the past week from August 28 to September 3, a dramatic victory was accomplished in Syria against ISIS (Daesh), while 157 people died in 30 separate terrorist incidents, which occurred predominately in the destabilized countries of the Muslim World.

In the perpetual War on Terror, declared by Bush in 2001, virtually unrecognized are the victories of the Syrian government against Daesh and other Islamist fanatics, whom the Empire portrays to be fighting. The War on Terror in Syria, however, is not a war fought for the stock prices of defense corporations, but for the survival of a country and its people.

Syrians are fighting for their land just like Vietnamese fought for their, against a militarily superior enemy with bombs, napalm, Agent Orange, and cash.

Over the past 7 years, Syrians have been fighting against militias who are widely referred to in Western media as “rebels”, “moderate rebels”, and the “Free Syrian Army”, supported by a heroic organization of White Helmets.

These are also fanatics, the vast majority of whom is affiliated with Al Qaeda, from which a sizable division has metamorphosed in 2014 to become the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

While possessing immeasurable quantities of human knowledge stored in thousands of years of recorded history, Syria has become home to one of the world’s most atrocious and medievalist states. Terrorism, a phenomenon previously unknown, was introduced into the Syrian life. Also introduced were ethnic divisions and violence between the religious denominations; public beheadings and the medievalist-era crucifixions have reiterated into the 21st century.

Such Syria, a fragmented nation by ethnic and religious lines, ravaged by war and Islamic fanaticism, was boldly promoted by the West and its client states as a legitimate alternative to the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Syrians have never been asked whether they would accept such an alternative, though their unity and nationalism have long demonstrated the answer.

Syria is not Iraq. There is security on the territories controlled by the government forces, preventing fanatics from implementing terrorist attacks, with the frequency they are implemented in neighboring Iraq. During the toughest years of war, before Damascus begun receiving military support from Russia, the unity of Syrian people had prevented the country from collapsing.

Now with Russian help, the Syrian Arab Army is achieving victories which not so long ago seemed unthinkable. Three major cities with scores of smaller towns and villages have been liberated in the period of 10 months. One of the biggest victories was the liberation of eastern Aleppo, accomplished before Christmas in 2016. Prior to the spring of 2017, Syrian army made advances in central Syria, liberating Palmyra, a city distinguished by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.

Indeed, it is shocking that such city was allowed to fall into the hands of Daesh, with the so-called U.S-led ‘coalition’ doing absolutely nothing to help. They dropped over 80 thousand bombs on Syria and Iraq, fighting ISIS, as we are told. Nonetheless, it is the Syrian army along with Russian air power who produce results on the ground.

The most dramatic advances were made in the last two weeks of the summer, when Syrian army crashed the positions of Daesh in the vast territories of the East on the road to the besieged city of Deir ez-Zor, a Syrian replica of Stalingrad.

Tens of thousands of civilians in Deir ez-Zor have endured over 37 months of blockade, surrounded from all directions by Daesh, with limited supplies of food and a virtual absence of clean drinking water. This city did not collapse solely because of resilience and heroism of its residents, who defended it against all odds; for them, it was a battle for survival.

Last week, the government forces finally cleared the road to the city, and by the time this article is published, the siege of Deir ez-Zor has come to an end.

If there is a symbolic and humanitarian victory against terror, then it is the victory of Deir ez-Zor. If there are heroes in the War on Terror, then they are the residents of Deir ez-Zor, who heroically defended their home from the Jihadist mercenaries of the Empire. Nonetheless, their triumph and the various other triumphs of the Syrian people are ignored by Western media. There is a virtual absence of coverage on Deir ez-Zor.

There was coverage, however, when Aleppo was liberated, with voices in the corporate press condemning liberation as subjugation. The lights on Eiffel Tower were turned dark on December 14, in solidarity with Aleppo, or the Islamist fanatics who occupied the city.

In the meantime, the victories of Empire in the War on Terror are enshrined in the massacre of Mosul and the ongoing slaughter of Raqqa, where Washington is demonstrating its air power, “killing ISIS” as President Trump stated.

It is long been transparent that the Western War on Terror has no conclusive ending; furthermore, it is in the interests of American Empire to maintain the Mideast in a perpetual state of conflict. Nothing new is presented in this strategy. Divide and conquer is a fundamental rule of any Empire. Thus, the defenseless people and governments of destabilized nations can see no end in sight to violence.

Terrorist Attacks Across The Destabilized World

Unlike the triumphs in Syria, the victories against Islamists in neighboring Iraq are receiving coverage in Western media. A swift liberation of Tal Afar and the hard-fought battle for Mosul symbolize the successes of the U.S-led coalition and the Iraqi forces. Nonetheless, security in the country remains appalling, with 5 terrorist attacks resulting in 37 fatalities from August 28 to September 3. From them, at least 22 deaths were reported from the country’s capital, Baghdad.

At least 13 people died in 3 separate terrorist attacks across the war-ravaged Afghanistan. The United States recently declared its permanent occupation of the country, thus shattering any possibility of peace to the war which already claimed over 1 million Afghan lives.

In the meantime, the past week has been the deadliest for Somalia in months. Up to 54 people are reported dead in 2 separate attacks implemented by the Islamists of Al Shabaab. The worst incident occurred on September 3 when militants stormed a military base near the coastal city of Kismayo. At least 22 soldiers died in the attack, with reports suggesting Al Shabaab lost 20 of its fighters.

In neighboring Kenya, at least 7 people died in three separate terrorist incidents blamed on Al Shabaab. Kenya is not in a state of a civil war nor is it experiencing an insurgency, though the perpetuating frequency of terrorist attacks might demonstrate the opposite.

At least 14 deaths were reported from Nigeria, amidst the ongoing insurgency of Boko Haram.

In Mali, Gunmen have ambushed a truck transporting supplies for the UN mission in the country. This is the latest incident of the ongoing violence in the country recolonized by France.

A car bombing left at least 4 people dead in Libya. After suffering defeat in Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte, the Islamic State is now expanding its presence near a small town of Nofaliya.

One person was killed in a terrorist attack carried out by Islamists in Burkina Faso.

Separate attacks left at least 7 people dead in Pakistan.

A suicide bomber killed 2 policemen after detonating explosives at the police station in northern Algeria.

Separate attacks carried out by Kurdish Workers Party left at least 7 people dead in the restive region of southeastern Turkey.

At least 7 deaths were reported from two separate incidents in Russia.

One policeman was ambushed by militants in India’s restive Kashmir.

Concluding this report is a remarkable video of the CIA agent whistleblower Kevin Shipp, who given an hour-long presentation on the shadow government of American Empire. He highlights the differences between the shadow government and the Deep State, while also revealing the extent to which the military-industrial corporations are entrenched into the American security apparatus.

A grotesque system presented by Kevin Shipp ensures that hundreds of billions of American taxpayer dollars are transferred into profits of the war-making corporations, a socialist scheme for Lockheed Martin, and a death sentence for millions of defenseless people living in countries of the Third World.