From Editor Maxim Nikolenko: I have dedicated a sizable portion of my life following the world events and reading political literature. While closely following on the conflicts in Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and the DR of Congo, I began to see a pattern of hypocritical coverage being applied, to overwhelmingly amplify with the interests of American security apparatus and the corporate-driven globalization initiatives.

Thus, certain initiatives and struggles that are praised by Western economic institutions and the State Department, had overwhelmingly received positive coverage in what is known as the mainstream corporate press. A striking example of our time is the conflict in Syria, where Anglo-American press outlets are playing a crucial role in legitimizing the views and intentions expressed by Western politicians and intelligence agencies. Overthrowing the current regime in Damascus, or Balkanizing the Syrian people, remain an openly expressed policy in Washington. The embedded journalists had regressed to a group-thinking mode, compliantly echoing the lines expressed by Big Officials and the Intelligence Sources. No wonder, civilians killed by the Syrian government are the worthy victims to report. In contrast, thousands of civilians killed and starved to death by Washington’s ally Saudi Arabia in Yemen, are the unworthy victims in what is virtually an unreported war. This is not a new media phenomenon nor is it a new tactic applied for implementation of the regime change agenda, which aims to combat often sovereign and economically nationalistic governments, while placing silence under ‘diplomatic cover’ to the actions of authoritarian client governments.

Editor and journalist Maxim Nikolenko

Democratic rights and the well-being of ordinary citizens, similarly to the coverage of many conflicts, are often exploited for the cynical initiatives of the Empire. The most recent example of this is Venezuela, a country labeled as “failed state” by the ‘embedded’ corporate media outlets, thus providing grounds for the openly expressed interests of Washington to see the downfall of the countries’ socialist government. Here, the worst aspects of the economic crisis experienced by Venezuelans are made to be the news. They are not news, however, when millions of neighboring Brazilians are sliding into poverty under policies of radically neoliberal and right-wing government of President Michel Temer. His grotesque austerity package, described by the U.N as “completely inappropriate”, has virtually gone unchallenged in the West. Perhaps, Temer’s fundamentalist privatization drive, which allocates wealth to the powerful local and foreign investors provides a favorable environment for silence.

Yet, this is not an isolated case, not a unique policy of injustice, and not the only people affected by a global economic order, largely promoted by the world’s most powerful financial and military Empire, the United States.

Detachment from reality is the reality of the Empire. Such makes the actions it pursues be constructed on the grounds of pre-existing lies, turned into reality. Intentional or unintentional agents of these imperial lies; the spinners of propaganda, now find themselves detached even from the citizens they claim to represent.

If America is detached from the world, then never had its media machine been so detached from the American public than in 2016. It was the year when the system failed to predict the unsurprising victory of Brexit in Britain, and later utterly failed to predict the unsurprising triumph of Donald Trump. Election of Donald Trump to the White House was not so much a vote for the future, but a vote of rebellion against the system; the conscience it dictates and the leaders it prescribes.

Trump’s presidency means virtually no change to the system. In fact, the military budget is going to be increased and the neoliberal doctrine is aiming to break the new barriers of extreme.

Meanwhile, instead of improving consensus with the ‘citizens’ it serves, the corporate media machine slid even deeper into the pit of lies. It is indeed the unique times. A new Cold War with the world’s second biggest nuclear power Russia has literally been framed out of nothing. The state of paranoia against Russia and the Evil Vlad, orchestrated by the Deep State and amplified by mass media, is perhaps the Empire’s greatest departure from reality yet.

This new lie – made to be the reality – is hegemonic in nature while extremely harmful and dangerous in practice.

I developed an uneasy feeling while watching this hegemonic power being virtually unquestioned, unchallenged; in fact, receiving empathy from thousands of journalists who contribute their voice to the Chorus of War.

Thus, I decided to create a news website which provides a space for the voice of independent journalism and high-quality research publications. Challenging the conventional truths and policies that allocate power to the few and misery to the many, is the goal of Alternative Beacon. I also deem it important to allocate space for analyzing a long-standing agent of power, the propaganda; the chief force shaping ‘public opinion’ in the age of diverse media and access to information.

These are the aims of our website.

Feel free to contact me on any questions: maxim@alterbeacon.com